CIS Dasuya

Creating a

rich legacy

of memories

Creating a rich legacy of memories

Schools are places where memories are made, cherished for life and often recalled during special, happy moments of our lives.

At CIS, Dasuya, each day spent in school brings something new – new learning, new achievements, new experiences – that have an everlasting influence on our lives. The lessons we learn, the games we play and the friends whose company we keep – all go into the making of what we are. We focus on each aspect of a child’s life and not just academic excellence so that every impression it leaves on the psyche of the child is positive, edifying and helpful in building a bright future.

We lay the foundation of our children’s lives, guiding and shaping them gently but firmly and equipping them with the means to thrive in a fast-changing world. School life has never been so pleasant and so fulfilling as we have made it.


Leading with fun!

Our institution’s legacy is rooted in educating and empowering future leaders. We aim to equip students with the knowledge and resources needed to create exceptional co-curricular experiences, build meaningful relationships and establish lifelong memories. Our focus on fostering responsibility and leadership skills in our students is designed to enable them to make a lasting impact in their communities and leave a positive legacy.

Saturday Hobby Clubs

At CIS Dasuya, an exciting opportunity awaits our students with the introduction of Saturday Hobby Clubs. These clubs have been carefully curated to provide a platform for students to explore their potential and discover hidden talents in a variety of fields. From acting, modeling and culinary arts to dancing, information technology and more, these clubs offer a pathway to a bright and glamorous future.



An avenue for students to delve into the world of artistic expression, the arts and crafts club elevates students’ aesthetic and artistic skills. Through painting, drawing and various craft techniques, students will develop their confidence, nurture creativity and cultivate an appreciation for art and design.



The Gardening Club aims to stimulate knowledge and a love for nature among our students. Through learning about seeds, plants and herbs, students will gain a basic understanding of gardening. This club provides hands-on experiences to help students develop an appreciation for nature, while also deepening their knowledge of nutrition and the harmful effects of unhealthy food choices.



The Model United Nations offers students an educational simulation where they can explore diplomacy and international relations. Representing countries, organisations or individuals, students will work together to solve global challenges. MUN conferences provide opportunities for research, public speaking, debating, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership development.



A platform to ignite students’ scientific curiosity, the Science Club fosters their passion for the subject. Through seminars, workshops, exhibitions and quiz competitions, students will have the chance to expand their knowledge and skills in various scientific fields. The club encourages a love for science and empowers students to excel in scientific pursuits.



The Chess Club welcomes students of all skill levels to engage in the intellectual and social aspects of the game. Through friendly matches and interactions, students will develop critical thinking and strategic skills while forming connections with fellow chess enthusiasts. The club provides a common language and a platform for building lasting friendships.



Designed to prepare students for the dynamic corporate world, the Commerce Club focuses on academic and technical excellence in commerce-related fields. These include finance, share marketing, banking and insurance. The club equips students with the practical skills and knowledge necessary for real-world challenges.



Established to help students explore the world of culinary arts and promote healthy eating habits, the cooking club teaches them good nutrition, seasonal ingredients, meal planning and reading food labels, students can broaden their culinary horizons and develop essential life skills.



CIS Dasuya aims to expand and enrich students’ understanding of the ever-evolving world of information technology. By participating in various computer-related activities, students stay updated with technological advancements, develop valuable job skills and prepare for future careers in the digital age.



The Dance Club provides a platform for students to express themselves creatively and explore different dance styles. From Western to Classical and Folk dances, students will learn techniques that enhance balance, coordination and fluid movements. The club blends personal growth and artistic development.



The Theatre Club aims to develop students’ skills in acting, make-up, set design and costume creation. Through various forms of drama, students will develop aesthetic awareness, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, teamwork and problem-solving abilities. The club offers a platform to express art and creativity.



Here, students are encouraged to study light and composition while developing their photography skills. Through organised activities, students will learn the art of photography, utilise their cameras to their fullest potential and develop a keen eye for capturing the world around them.



For a chance to explore the world of music and develop their musical abilities. Whether it’s learning to read music, playing instruments or performing, this club provides a supportive environment for students to express themselves and develop their musical talents.



A healthy mind and a healthy body are both imperative for growing children. The Sports Club provides students with opportunities to participate in various sports activities, fostering character development and promoting physical and mental well-being. Involvement in sports helps students build teamwork skills, discipline and resilience while enjoying the benefits of an active lifestyle.

School Results

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence,but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”. Our students performed stupendously in Class 12 AISSCE results.

Abhay Singh

Scored 96% marks in AISSCE (Non-Medical) 2023


Scored 95.8% marks in AISSCE (Non-Medical) 2023


Scored 95.6% marks in AISSCE (Medical) 2023

Pushap Bharti

Scored 95.6% marks in AISSCE (Humanities) 2023

Distinguished achievement by Grade 10

“The pursuit of excellence with unrestrained passion can lead to the accomplishment of wonders with unsurpassed joy”. Our students astonished us with their performance in Class 10 AISSE results.

Charchit Goel

Scored 99% marks in AISSE 2023

Satinderpal Singh

Scored 98.6% marks in AISSE 2023

Rosedeep Saini

Scored 98.2% marks in AISSE 2023


The gems of our school, our students cleared JEE main stage 2 exams.


98.38 Percentile

Shashank Mishra

97.1 Percentile

Abhay Singh

95.3 Percentile

Notable Achievements Sports |

Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur etched her name in glory at the ISSF Sub Youth Women's 10m Air Rifle Shooting Championship. With an awe-inspiring display of skill and unwavering dedication, she emerged victorious in the fiercely contested event. During the trials held at the renowned Dr. Karni Shooting Range on April 23rd and 24th, 2023, Manpreet Kaur's extraordinary talent shone brightly as she achieved an exceptional All-India Rank of 39 and 41, respectively. Her remarkable score of 619 serves as a testament to her tireless efforts and unwavering commitment. This stupendous achievement not only brings well-deserved laurels to Manpreet Kaur but also highlights Dasuya's legacy as a ground for exceptional shooting talents.

Harshit Parmar

Harshit Parmar has brought immense pride to our school by securing a coveted spot at the Punjab Institute of Sports Mohali. Amidst fierce competition, Harshit's exceptional skills and talent in volleyball earned him a spot among the ONLY 6 students selected from across Punjab in the Under-14 age group.