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Charting Futures with a Career Counselling Event

February 3, 2024

At Cambridge International School, we're all about empowering students to shine. Teaming up with Mindlers for their recent career counselling event was a perfect fit. It was inspiring to see students uncovering their strengths and passions, paving the way for their future success. Here's to a bright future ahead!

A Harvest of Fun and Learning!

January 13, 2024

This year, we lit up with Lohri celebrations! Our students and staff gathered for a lively celebration, enjoying traditional music, delicious sweets and engaging activities.

‘Tis the Christmas Celebration season!

December 22, 2023

Our grounds transformed into a festive wonderland for a Christmas bash bursting with joy and cheer! Kids dove headfirst into playful games with their parents. It was a memory-making extravaganza where families soaked in the Christmas spirit with laughter and delight.

Celebrating spirituality on Guruparb.

November 30, 2023

With the blessings of Waheguru, our students embarked on a spiritual journey this Guru Nanak Jayanti. They embraced Guru Nanak Dev Ji's teachings of compassion, equality and selfless service. Here's a glimpse.

Leaping into a future without borders with our career fair.

November 29, 2023

Our 'Future Beyond Borders' career fair was a smash hit! Watch on to catch the highlights and immerse yourself in the incredible moments that unfold. From inspiring conversations to exclusive glimpses into top universities that joined us for the day, this event was nothing short of extraordinary.